Scran Bag

Members, this area is for you.

If you have something to sell, swap, or give away, please submit the item/s to the webmaster for placing in the Scran Bag at no cost.

Please give a brief description, price, location and any other relative details.

When you have made contact with the seller it is then up to you to deal direct with them not the web master.

If you need to check the bona fides of the member you are dealing with please feel free to contact  as he has the details of all 645 Australian members on our data file.

A word of Warning, do not under any circumstances give your credit card details to the other party.

  Ian Arnold is after a Chief’s summer Mess Jacket.
 Size 110L (Long), all buttons, clips and chain.
Dress shirt size 43 or 44 and dress studs.
And, maybe a bow-tie.
Contact Ian on: