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As of the 16th of September 2013, the Association has changed
Bank Accounts, to the BENDIGO BANK.
Account Name:  HMAS Sydney & Vietnam Logistical Sup
BSB:  633-000
Account:  150073096

NOTE: 1. When making your payment, please use your name as identification, so we can identifying your particular transaction.
2. We DO NOT HAVE the ability to accept CREDIT CARD
payments.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND your CREDIT CARD details.

Remember your Annual Subs can be paid via EFT.
Medal Cases
Medal Case No. 5
Medal Case No. 8
Medal Case No. 9 – $20.00ea + p&p
Up to two cases can be posted together $8.50; three to four cases posted together $13.50; over four quote given.

Black leather look covered case with black velour inside.

● Case dimensions – closed 160mm x 110mm
● Medal area when open – 150mm x 95mm

Suitable for up to Four Full Size medals, or a set of Miniatures and badges
Medal Case No. 11
Medal Case No. 10 (Brand New)
Cost:  $50.00ea + $13.50 p&p

Green with padded lid and wooden trim with white fabric inner lid and black support pad inside.

● Case dimensions – closed 200mm x 200mm x 50mm deep
● Medal area when open – 185mm x 185mm

Comes with either the Australian Army, Navy or Air force emblems (please choose which emblem).

The emblems are separate stickers that stick on the lid of each case (but can be left plain if chosen to do so).

The case will take a set of Full Size medals to maximum bar width, Miniatures, Ribbon bars and badges

Pocket Medal Holder

Why keep making holes in your coat or sports jacket, when you can place your court mounted medals on the holder and slip it into your left hand breast pocket. It will fit up to ten gongs.

New Price:
$6.00 ea + $2.50 p&p
(up to 10 can be posted together)
   Conditions for the purchase of Unit Commemorative Medals

To be eligible to purchase unit commemorative medals, from the HMAS SYDNEY & VLSVA (Vic), applicants will need to provide the following:

1. Photocopy of documentary evidence showing that you have been awarded the ASM with clasp FESR, AASM with clasp Vietnam, AV & LSM. Or,

2. Photocopy of documentary evidence of posting to a ship that you feel entitles you to the medal. We will confirm your entitlement based on whether your ship was in the operational zone during your posting from our records of ships movements.

The ALSM Commemorative medal is for sale to all personnel who served in a Logistical Service roll in Vietnam and the FESR Commemorative medal is for sale to all sailors who served in the RAN FESR.

NOTE: There are heavy penalties for fraudulently wearing medals.

From the Webmaster:
It is advisable that members do not wear commemorative medals alongside their awarded medals. Commemorative medals should be worn on your right breast.
Please Note: Due to falling demand, the ALSF Unit Commemorative Medal, is no longer a viable proposition, therefore production has ceased. Should demand increase and make it worthwhile, production will start again. Adequate ribbon is available for both miniature and full size medals and a plentiful supply of the clasps are still available.
Any queries please contact the
Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal Set

$60.00 Set 
Includes Registered Postage Charges within Australia

This Commemorative Medal is dedicated to all personnel who served in Logistic Support in the Vietnam war 1962 - 1973.
This medal is sponsored by the Veterans Federation of the Republic of Vietnam in Australia, to show their appreciation for personnel who served in Logistic Support, in conjunction with their own forces.
The first recipient of this award was Sir Edward Dunlop AC, CMG, OBE, KCSJ, for his fine work in Vietnam, and this honour was bestowed on him at a ceremony conducted in Melbourne on December 7th 1991.
The person whose name appears on the back of this medal, served in the Logistic Support field in Vietnam, and as such should be proud of their service to their country.
This medal set comes complete with a miniature, 12 inches of full size and 6 inches of miniature ribband.

Please Note: Due to the falling demand for the FESR Unit Commemorative Medal we no longer order the blanks x 1000 and have reduced our order to 25 at a time, which affects the cost price.
Our supplier is no longer able to source the ring ribbon bar attachment in picture A, for the small numbers ordered.
To solder the ring ribbon bar attachment to the medals is an extremely labour intensive procedure, which in turn will also increase the medals cost price. Therefore we have changed the medal ribbon bar attachment, to the horizontal type in picture B.
We are sure the new configuration will meet with your approval.
The price remains $65.00 the set, registered mail delivered to you.
David Dwyer
Marketing Manager Vic
4 October 2010
Far East Strategic Reserve Medal

$65.00 Set 
Includes Registered Postage Charges within Australia

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the RAN's involvement as an integral part of the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR), the HMAS Sydney and the VLSVAssoc (Vic) has dedicated this medal to all of those that served on HMAS ships on the FESR.
Ministerial approval was sought and Navy Office have granted an 'Instrument of Consent' to use certain words/letters on the Obverse side of the medal, thereby making it uniquely 'Navy'.
The design of the medal is a very fitting one, with two uniquely naval motifs included in the design. The first, the quarter compass rose, depicts the North West quadrant, signifying the direction of the 'Far East' in relation to Australia. The second is the symbol of a canted and fouled stockless anchor, superimposed with a scroll signifying the RAN's involvement in the FESR from 1955 until its disbandment in 1971. The wreath beneath the anchor crown is representative of the eucalypt leaves of the Australian bush, and is in tribute to the memory of those that did not return from this service to their country.
The recipient of this medal, whose name appears on the Reverse side, served on the Far East Station in an RAN ship which was a unit of the Commonwealth Strategic Reserve. And in the fine traditions of the Royal Australian Navy, they served Australia well.
This medal set comes complete with a miniature, 12 inches of full size and 6 inches of miniature ribband.
Miniature Commemorative Medals & 6" Ribbon

$5.00 + $2.00 p&p
 (within Australia)
Commemorative Medal Clasp Bars

The following Commemorative Medal Clasp Bars are now available:


Also available:  Medal bars for HMA Ships

Anzac, Tobruk, Queenborough, Quickmatch, Quiberon, Quadrant, Vampire, Vendetta, Voyager, Duchess, Arunta, Warramunga, Derwent, Swan, Torrens, Yarra, Stuart, Parramatta, Sydney, Melbourne, Curlew, Gull, Ibis, Snipe, Teal, Hawk, Supply, Jeparit, Boonaroo.

Note: H.M.A.S. is a separate bar/clasp, please enclose an additional $6.00 to your purchase price if required.

Price of all clasp bars is:
$6.00 + $0.70 p&p  (within Australia)

If 6 or more clasp bars ordered - Postage is $1.20 for Postage Pack

Sorry, we do not manufacture Miniature Bars
Commemorative Medal ALSM Ribbon @ $0.50 per inch

Plus $0.70 p&p
(within Australia)
Mini Naval General Service Medal (NGSM)
with Bar 'Malay'
with 6" of Ribbon

$15.00 Posted (within Australia)

The miniature was never issued with the medal. This is your opportunity to obtain this much asked for miniature now that the FESR service has been awarded.

This is more than likely the best price for the Miniature Medal (Complete).

No proof required to obtain the Miniature Medal.


Important Information

Forward orders to:
Marketing Manager
PO Box 645
Heathmont Vic 3135 Australia

Please note:
All Cheques/Money Orders are to be made out to:

Overseas customers should note that correct postage & packaging will be calculated when order is received and destination known.

Sales of all Clothing Store merchandise is open to all serving, ex serving and reserve Navy personnel as well as family and friends of the greater Naval community.
(conditions do apply for commemorative medals)

 Order Form 

NOTE: Should you have any queries before ordering please email our

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The HMAS SYDNEY & VLSVA is a "Not for Profit" organisation. Any and all profit generated from sales through Speed's Marketing is used to meet the ongoing costs of the Association.
The Marketing Manager of Speed's Marketing is a voluntary and unpaid position.